Nathalia Hauth, MA, LPC

            Licensed Professional Counselor













































I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a  Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. My practice is currentIy supervised by Amanda Cornelius, MA, LPCC.


I completed a two-year training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and was a clinical fellow at the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society & Institute (MPSI) Psychotherapy Center for the past three years. Before becoming a therapist, I worked in the chemical health field as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor providing counseling in both inpatient and outpatient settings.


I enjoy my work greatly and offer the best of me as a professional and as a human. I admire the complexity of the mind and its works, and have a deep respect for the varied ways in which human beings face life.


I work together with the patient to help her understand the unconscious motivations of her present behaviors and feelings, while considering the complex interaction of individual biology, culture and environment, and psychological make up.


I aspire to promote personal growth in the patient so that she / he can joyfully

                love, work and play!



I am a highly trained licensed professional For more information on my experience and education:












II believe in...


* There are unconscious motivations      that affect the way people behave,  

   feel and see the world.


* A person's psychological make up is   the product of the interelation  

  among culture, biological  

  predisposition and 

  personal experience (personal    



* The unconscious manifests itself

   in psychological and physical    

   symptoms or illnesses, dreams,

   fantasies, memories, thoughts,

   feelings, patterns of behavior,    

   relationship patterns, and a

   person's narrative.  


* Symptoms such as depressions,  

   anxieties, dependencies, agression,  

   sexual inhibition, social inhibition,

   obsessive thinking, etc. are

   expressions of unconscious